Rebuilding Nepal – Charity Campaign

Rebuilding Nepal – Charity Campaign

This CanadaHelps campaign is our collective response to the Nepal Earthquake. A ‘students helping students’ initiative aimed at getting one remote community’s children back into a safe learning environment.

Charity campaign – Students helping students

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Our collective goal is to raise $50,000 for an earthquake resistant school. There will be 5 classrooms within this school, and these classrooms can be sponsored for $10,000 a classroom. Imagine if 10 schools each raised $5,000 Canadian dollars, an entire community of children would be positively affected.

We need your help!

Hopewell Public School in Ottawa, Canada is one of many schools that has been inspired by Elia Saikaly and is determined to help rebuild classrooms in Nepal. They are one school and cannot do this alone. Power is in numbers and they hope that other schools and businesses will be inspired to join them in making a difference for these children in Nepal.

Join us.

Help us achieve our collective goal by sponsoring the building of this new school.

If you’re a student – inspire your class or school – get involved and become a fundraising team member.

If you’re a business – consider sponsoring a classroom.

If you’re one person looking to make a difference, then please make a donation.

Either way, spread the word!

Aakash and Elia Saikaly

Elia Saikaly on Banakhu, Nepal

Our promise is to bring back images of the completed school and testimonials from the local people once the funds have been raised and the new earthquake resistant school has been built.

Together, we can help them get back into safe learning environments. But we need your help!

Help us be the change and help this community get back up on its feet. On behalf of all of the students who are joining our team, we thank you for being the change. Let’s make a difference together!

Damaged Classroom

Damaged classroom in Banakhu, Nepal

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