6 Summits Challenge

6 Summits Challenge

The 6 Summits Challenge is a record-setting expedition focused on attracting a global audience to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking and the fight for fundamental human rights and justice. The 6 Summits Challenge is rooted in the philosophy that love, justice, and compassion are actions that cannot be accomplished from the sidelines.

On April 25th, 2015 the Nepal Earthquake brought the entire expedition to a halt. Elia Saikaly was documenting this historical climb sponsored by  UnderArmour Inc.

Imagine a 1500 ft tidal wave of snow, rock and debris headed straight towards you. This was our reality on April 25th, 2015 at Mt. Everest basecamp when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake triggered a massive avalanche at Mt. Everest Basecamp that claimed 16 lives and critically injured 50+ men and women. 

“I shot as much as I could before putting the cameras down to help the critically injured and wounded. 16 people lost their lives including my friend Dan Fredinburg – a man who loved life and lived it to the fullest. I did my best as a filmmaker to document the process even though my heart was bleeding from the loss of life. As much as I tried to pretend I was ok, I simply was not. A part of me died that day. I was in shock.

For the next 3 days, I documented the rescue efforts from 17,500 ft above sea level. Over 50 people were successfully evacuated and over 70 rescued from high above the mountain.

Learn about what brought us to Everest at 6summitschallenge.com and the the heart of the project at mission14.org

Elia earned a Vimeo Staff pick for his ‘Tribute to the Fallen” – produced during the deadly 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

Everest – A Tribute to the Fallen from Elia Saikaly on Vimeo.

Real-time webisodes produced from Everest

As a one man film crew, Elia shot, cut, produced and directed all the webisodes remotely from Everest.