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Elia Saikaly is an award-winning filmmaker whose global adventures inspire others to find their most meaningful lives and spark positive change. He began his adventure filmmaking career on the slopes of Mt. Everest, where he set out to honour the life of his fallen mentor. He had never even slept in a tent before! With over 16 expeditions under his belt, Elia has proven time and time again that he has the determination, stamina, skill, resourcefulness and vision required to meet the greatest of challenges.

On May 22, 2013, Elia stood on top of the world for the second time. Not only did he climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, he shot a reality television seriesOn the Top, which garnered him a CINE Golden Eagle Award. He also shared the journey with thousands of students via ePals, the fastest-growing K-12 social network on Earth. He has scaled five of the seven summits, participated in six Himalayan climbs and led youth expeditions, which were broadcast on the Web and shared in real time via FindingLife, an interactive school learning program he created that empowers and educates youth through adventure. Represented by Speakers’ Spotlight as an inspirational speaker, Elia shares tales of his epic adventures and shows others how to find the courage and strength to live out their dreams, embrace the unknown and contribute to a better world in the process. He brings to life stories of humanity and transports his audience to some of the most remote, inspiring and often inhospitable environments on Earth.

A former actor, model and MuchMusic VJ, the English- and French-speaking filmmaker spends much of his time working in partnership with charities, such as Moving Mountains Trust and Child Haven International. He recently led an initiative that saw Canadian schoolchildren raise money to build classrooms in Kenya.

Elia is also the featured adventurer in a bilingual television series that highlights Canada’s 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites called Our Part of the Worldnow airing on Discovery World. He has appeared on CBS, NBC, CTV, CBC, A-Channel and various media outlets in the Middle East. His most recent work, Everest – A Time-Lapse Short Film, went viral and hit No. 1 on Mashable and was shared online and by news outlets around the world.

Climbing Experience

Mountaineering expeditions

2016 • Nepal, Unclimbed Peaks with Discovery Channel
2015 • Nepal, Mt. Everest
2014 • Nepal, Mt. Everest – Google
2013 • Nepal, Mt. Everest – CINE Award
2013 • Argentina, Mt. Aconcagua
2012 • Nepal, Mt. Everest basecamp
2012 • Russia, Mt. Elbrus
2011 • China/Tibet, Mt.Cho Oyu
2011 • Nepal, Mt.Lobuche
2011 • Kenya, Mt. Kenya
2010 • Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro
2010 • Nepal, Mt. Everest
2009 • China/Tibet, Mt. Everest
2009 • Argentina, Mt. Aconcagua
2008 • Russia, Mt. Elbrus
2008 • USA, Mt Denali (Mt. McKinley)
2007 • Nepal, Mt. Everest Expedition
2006 • Nepal, Camp 2 Mt. Everest
2005 • Nepal, Everest basecamp