Interactive School Learning Program

Founded by Elia Saikaly in 2009, FindingLife is a free interactive school learning program that combines adventure, education, technology and charitable initiatives to inspire students to create positive change.

In 2017, we’ll be launching the new and improved FindingLife platform. Check out the new landing site we’ve built for teachers, students and adventurers. The completed platform will be free for students and teachers in 2017.

Imagine an enhanced technological eco-system where students can participate in exciting meaningful learning adventures like never before. Virtual reality technology will be implemented into the platform placing students almost anywhere on Earth. Not only can they view 360-panoramic photos and exciting web episodes that are broadcast in real-time, but they also can connect live and interact with adventurers using their smart-phones and tablets. They will meet communities abroad, learn about other cultures, make a difference in the lives of others and be inspired to take action offline in their own lives. Fundraising campaign technology, facilitated by a iOS app, is integrated into the platform enabling students to support humanitarian causes in the countries in which our adventurers travel.

Coming soon in 2017

FindingLife is free for students and teachers to use and is scheduled to beta-launch in March, 2017.