High Altitude video production

In the past 10 years, Elia has worked as an Everest filmmaker and producer alongside some of the world’s biggest brands on Mt. Everest including Google and outdoor clothing apparel giant UnderArmour Inc. His work on Mt. Everest garnered him a CINE Golden Eagle Award in partnership with Qatar Television. Elia has broadcast live from Everest, produced content and fed it remotely from as high as 26, 000ft and shared his edited packages with the global media remotely including his images during the 2015 Everest Earthquake. He has proven that the knowledge he has amassed over 10 years of high altitude Himalayan production makes him an invaluable asset to any production.

Remote crews and operation

Whether on Mt. Everest or any other high altitude or remote environment, Elia has a network of qualified high altitude camera operators, directors, sound technicians in addition to a team of trained Sherpas and porters who understand the complexities of working in low oxygen environments with television production equipment.

Technical solutions

From setting up logistics for your digital media technician to mind-mapping a production workflow at Mt. Everest basecamp, to sending hard drives down 42km to the airport for shipment to your country, all of your production needs can be looked after from arrival to departure.

Satellite and broadcast

Elia’s worked on both the North and South Side of Everest and has fed the media high quality, professionally edited content from as high as the death zone. Satellite solutions and strategies are part of the production offerings.

Logistical planning

We’ve seen it happen time and time again: your production and deliverables are your number on priority and yet on the mountain your service and logistics operator simply doesn’t understand your production needs and as a result your project and content is compromised. Our trusted local partners who we’ve worked with for over a decade can provide an affordable private logistics operation for your unique video production project. We either partner with your existing outfitter or assist you in crafting your own private expedition using trained Sherpas, porters and staff who understand how to support the complex needs of film crews in extreme environments.