The rock fall scares me. The tattered fixed lines scare me. The jumbled mess of old ropes scares me. The weather scares me. The wind scares me. Holding my camera in the extreme cold scares me and just about every other aspect of this mountain elevates my fear compass and keeps me incredibly high alert.

This little film project was shut down twice and revived three times. We could have quit numerous times, but we kept pushing and we kept problem solving. We were resilient. We were determined and we believed in team Iceland/Pakistan.

Pasang Kaji Sherpa and I are far behind everyone else on the mountain in terms of acclimatization so we’re setting very realistic expectations about how high we will climb. We’ve put together a plan to try to move as high as possible to ideally have our ascent intersect with John, Ali and Sajid’s. At the end of the day: our mission is to gather as much footage as possible.

For me: returning home safely matters most. I’m excited to take a look up there and do my best to bring back some images.

The only little hiccup at the moment is that one of our team members isn’t well so I don’t know what’s going to happen. Otherwise, we’re set and ready to climb.

Hoping for the best here. I’ve done all I can for this project and to be ready for a final push.

Wish us luck!


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