Maah Keita opened up her beautiful world to me and the Climb for Albinism documentary. She’s an incredibly talented bass player in a Senegalese Afro Rock band, a humanitarian, artist, activist and star made of pure light. She was born with albinism and has not been limited by it in any sense. She’s respected. She’s a trailblazer. And she downright crushes it on the bass!

Maah, her friends and family humbled me this evening by telling me how special they thought I was. They thanked me for being an example of a human being who sees the beauty and magic in all. Who treats all with love and respect, which is part of my DNA. Who is always playing and smiling and doing all I can to make others happy. They invited me into their home for a traditional meal, to meet their friends, visit remote villages where young children and persons with albinism live and are at great risk due to exposure and just fully embraced my presence and pure intention. They also embraced my cameras and gear! As did 50 kids, two who I taught to fly my drone.

Thank you Maah and all of your wonderful friends and family. It’s been a blast! Can’t wait to assemble what we’ve created these last 3 days.


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