We wanted to let everyone know that Gabriel is now home in Montreal, Canada. He is recovering from his injuries and continues to support us from afar. We’re in constant communication and following one another’s journey every step of the way.

I wanted to take a few moments and share some words about this man. My best friend. Our team leader. One of most incredible human beings I’ve ever met.

Gab and I met on Everest in 2005. Back then I was clueless about this world of climbing and adventure. I was a young aspiring adventure filmmaker. That year, our common friend Dr. Egan tragically died on Everest while I was filming a documentary. I spent the next few years doing all I could to honour Sean’s life and part of that journey involved attempting scale Everest – without experience – numerous times. Gabriel took me under his wing. Mentored me. He believed in the dream and supported me at the highest level.

Since then, we’ve shared numerous adventures together, many of which are shared in the Unclimbed series. But more than the adventure and the expeditions, it’s his quality of his heart and spirit that’s forged the unbreakable bond that we share today.

Clearly as we’ve seen, Gabriel has 9 lives. He’s a tremendous athlete who at 55 puts most people half his age to shame in the mountains. Of course, his great humility would never let anyone know. Gab’s love for Nepal shines through in the way he treats everyone he meets along the way. With tremendous dignity and respect, love and care. This is his home home away from home and if you’ve ever trekked or climbed here with Gab, you immediately see how much everyone loves him. His compassion, his commitment, his love for the people he cares for, and the strangers he’s never met, is his greatest quality.

Unclimbed began with Gab. It was his idea and together we made it into what it is today, with many others who have come on board since inception. What began as a simple idea has now evolved into something much more meaningful. As expedition leader, Gab organized logistics alongside PK, played the lead role in choosing the route to basecamp, the lines up to our hopeful camp one, and as I lead the filmmaking efforts, he masterminded the mountaineering plans.

GAB: Undoubtedly, this is tremendously difficult. You scared the heck out of us and more than anything we are grateful you are home, safe and will recover 100{c0d616ec23a1ea78237269fee999fd3e756e1235669a36003e38faaff0a7a27b}. This is your expedition as much as it is ours and we will do our best to make you proud. It’s hard to believe you’re not going to be with us. I got on board because of you, because the times we share together are the moments at the end of our lives (with our canes and in our diapers)that I know we will look back with gigantic smiles and zero regrets. So today, we tread forward, 2 in body, 3 in spirit. Our love and support shines outwards daily in your direction. Much love and a tremendously fast recovery.

Big hug! I love you my friend.


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