I filmed as PK led and was belayed by Sajid. My concern was not getting to camp 4, my concern was getting us out of there down to camp 3 as the sun was beginning to lay low and I knew it was a long way down to safety at basecamp. We still had to get warm, make dinner, try to recover from two days with little sleep and battle with weather the following morning.

By the time Pasang topped out I saw the familiar hand gesture signaling: let’s get the hell out of here. I know how frustrating it was for Sajid, but it was the only call to make. We’d knew we’d be back.

It can be tempting to test your fate, just a little bit further, climb a little bit higher, but I’m a firm believer in playing the long game, listening to the mountain, remaining sensible in the face of the thin line and sticking with the plan, even if it means throwing away expectation. There’s no ‘what you want’ up here, there’s only what the mountain commands. As they say: the mountain doesn’t care. So we need to care, about one another and about respecting the voice of K2 – we simply adapt.

Patiently waiting to hear what the mountain has to say next.


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