I was here to tell one story and in the end, a very different one unfolded in front of my lens.

I was home in Ottawa watching online as all of the teams arrived in Islamabad. I flipped my life upside-down last minute, abandoned all I had on my plate, put my producer hat on and moved serious mountains with some high powered friends. Within 4-5 days, we pulled a documentary and expedition plan together to support John Snorri, Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid. They’re Pakistan’s local heroes and I was willing to do whatever it would take to help tell their story – for Pakistan.

One of the reasons @sherpapk and I were late arriving to K2 is because after we did our rapid acclimatization in Nepal, I landed with… get this… Covid-19! 🤯

It kicked my a** for a week. We shut the project down for the 2nd time, this time because of me. After a quick week-long recovery and multiple negative tests, we boldly decided that despite being late, and me being mostly recovered, with the help of many people high up specific chains of my own understanding, we’d drop ourselves into K2 basecamp by air thanks to our incredible partners and push our limits to the edge to safely catch up and attempt to document team Iceland/Pakistan’s ascent.

For three weeks on K2 it was a non stop roller coaster ride of chasing stories from the moment we arrived.

John and I clicked right away and by day one I was filming him assist in a search and rescue operation on a nearby peak. We hit it off and it was non stop flow ever since. Pk and I never really got off the rollercoaster. Two ‘summit pushes’ for us, an ambitious plan to follow three of the strongest climbers while filming, mostly unacclimatized, minus one support HAP – and we just did what we had to do to support these three great men.

In the end… here we are. I’m exhausted. I’m in high powered go-mode, trying to do all of the right things for those that are more important.

I’ve just wrapped production and we’ve flown out of basecamp to safety.



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