For anyone curious, it was an epic ride from the south of Turkey back to Istanbul with Pistachio Green. I had no idea the mountains were so beautiful in Turkey! I had some amazing people from Izmir reach out to help me sail the van across the Mediterranean which would have meant a very lonely Xmas by myself in the van. Not appealing for anyone! So I shelved the mission until January 2019.

Turkey was incredible! My favourite part was giving guided tours to the very kind men at the gas stations who adored my ‘caravan’. It’s apparently rare that a Scooby Doo lookalike bus makes an appearance in the region. This crazy idea was born one night drinking scotch in Ottawa with @splitprowho suggested I ship the van to Portugal. A number of ridiculous brainstorming sessions later with various people and I landed with an outrageous plan to head east. Far, far east. It hasn’t been easy, but this is a drive in the park compared to what’s to come. For now, it’s Xmas in the valley with my loved ones, a final adventure for 2018 with my family and then who knows what’s to come. What a beautiful ride it’s been. I wish all of you loads of love with your loved ones today. Cheers to the beauty of living the gift of life. Merry Xmas! Pistachio Green is signing off. 🚌💨


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