Nelly recently made a shift from a full-time psychology and life coaching profession, to pursue her passion in fitness and sports. She is now a recognized fitness ambassador, trainer and healthy living advocate, contributing significantly to the transformation of the sporting landscape across the Middle East.

In 2017, Nelly founded a females-only fitness and dance boutique studio named MOVE in Riyadh. MOVE is the first studio in Saudi Arabia with a focus on dance, outdoor training, and adventure trips.

For Nelly, her professional endeavours are not just a means to an end, but a lifestyle. When she is not working in sports, you will find her engaging in sports herself – training for a race, mountain expedition, or dance-related workshop. In recent years, she has completed twelve climbing expeditions, three global marathons, one ultra-trail marathon, and two half Ironman races (triathlons). 


“Sports was my gateway to create a positive impact for people in Saudi Arabia, and beyond. I’ve switched careers, taken my own athletic activities to another level, and regularly work on numerous initiatives to promote and enable more and more people to get active across the Middle East. Movement is essential for life, and regular physical activity does wonders for our physical and mental health. Let’s MOVE the world! 


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