Born and raised between the sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula to a Lebanese mother and Saudi father, whose love for road trips and the outdoors, trickled down to their youngest of four (Mona), infused with an extra zest of “living on the edge for a cause.”

She co-founded ‘The Empowerment Hub,’ a grass root initiative that focuses on fitness and health for youth and women in the Kingdom back in 2014. Each event/campaign was for a cause related to well being be it physical or mental.

Driven by change, ‘The Hub’ was the unheard voice that echoed a basic right. Physical Education for females in the public system has come a long way. The Hub’s mission was to revolutionize what females and youth feed their minds, bodies and souls. To strengthen the awareness of fitness and health in the Kingdom by hosting active social and educational events and working hand in hand with the government and private sector for a fitter KSA. However, the backbone that kept it all together was paying it forward and giving back to the community.


“If not for my generation, then for the generations to come. Together we will shift perceptions and shatter stereotypes. Here’s to becoming more accepting and tolerant. To quenching thirsty minds who have been been forced to flee for safety. Let’s move some mountains and make some waves.”


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