The first time I climbed Kilimanjaro was a month after my first summit of Mt. Everest back in 2010. I regretted it and wished I had shared the journey with people I loved and cared for – it’s that kind of adventure. So here I am, 8 years later, but this time I’ve chosen to live it as meaningfully as possible, with many of my African family members and friends, the best in the business, who also happen to be the people I care for the most on this continent. We’ve got a cause we are fighting for, warriors and champions representing and a film crew that I’m excited to collaborate with. Friends from Peru, Dubai, Canada, Australia and every region in Africa are a part of this upcoming adventure.

Today, the climber in me paused for a moment to take in this beautiful mountain standing tall, solo, towering above all else and appreciated the beauty of Mother Earth’s wonder of the world. She may not be the highest in the world, but she certainly is Africa’s jewel in the sky. Looking forward to witnessing everyone else’s first time experience and co-creating with those standing by us to the summit.


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