Woke up in the mountains in Salzburg, Austria to this incredible display by Mother Earth. .

But what’s an image without the behind the scenes story?

Left Munich for Salzburg and Googled a random high point to boondock and camp out. On the way up Pistachio Green started smoking again while driving uphill at 11pm, it was full-on Furka Pass style where the rad was leaking, transmission oil spillage all over the road, smoke alarm screeching , so we stopped in the dead of the night to address the problem. Because up was not an option we decided to coast down the steep single lane hill backwards in neutral in the dark and camped out in a random parking lot. Next morning tried to take the bus, failed, visited the famous hotel across the street, ate French fries and drank 15 yr-old scotch at noon as we awaited a taxi driver. Drove 15km, bought 5L or tranny oil, returned to the van, rode down the hill in neutral, forwards this time, found a mechanic who eventually discovered that the seal on the transmission is kaput. So we live in a parking lot in Austria now. Lol

What now? Find a seal ($12) get our Turkish mechanic to save the day and find our way to Croatia and Slovenia. And possibly Greece if this van holds up. This is what happens when your van is older than you are! 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Everyday and every moment is always an adventure!


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