I’m not sure I can quite explain this melange of madness that is our little beautiful playful adventure. Here’s the last 24 hrs.

Left Chamonix at 7pm after an extraordinary day in the mountains after an all night affair in the local Chamonix nightlife. Accidentally ended up in Italy, boondocked somewhere in the hills up against a mountain in the North, woke up without a clue to a local Italian lighting a fire as we sorted out morning coffee in the van, Googled our way to Switzerland, ate French fries with Swiss mayo under majestic mountain peaks, drove through ridiculous landscapes and found our way to Zermatt, emptied all the valuables from the van, left Pistacho with a random Dutch woman, took the train to Zermatt and are now camped out under the Matterhorn. It’s 11pm and we’re going out for food and drink when most of the town has gone to bed. That’s our life. Tomorrow… no idea. Today’s yet to begin. Make it up as you go. It’s far more interesting and whole lot more fun!


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