For me, it’s impossible to ignore the call of the soul and the call of the mountain.
I am typing this Instagram post up at camp 2, huddled into a tent with Pasang Kaji next to me while Sajid Sadpara rests his eyes in the tent next door. We are retracing John and Ali’s footsteps up the mountain and as you can imagine the emotions are running high, particularly for Sajid who is determined to find his father and our missing friends.

For a certain kind of person, a winter ascent of K2 and the high risk nature of the endeavor is intoxicating.
It is the ultimate high. It’s very easy, if you’re not careful, to allow the ego to creep in and completely take over, dominate your judgement and lose total sense of self and self awareness of the inherent risks and potential collateral damage that can take place.

This season feels void of ego. Atleast with the company we are keeping.

K2 has been INCREDIBLY generous thus far and we are both humbled and deeply grateful as we progress higher on our mission.

Sajid Sadpara is living the most intense emotions up here and PK and I are doing our best to support him. He has his fathers strength and unparalleled spirit.

Upwards we climb my friends. More photos and updates now that the internet is working again.

Much love from all of us.


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