No one reaches the summit alone. It takes a highly orchestrated and talented team of Sherpas and Western guides all working together for the benefit of the overall success of all individuals. Everyone contributes from the porters to the cooking staff, the Chef and the climbing Sherpas, the guides and the assistants and many other team members you don’t see on the front lines or in this photograph.

This is my 8th expedition to Everest and I have to say that I’ve never felt more confident in the logistics team’s ability to make us all feel as safe and as comfortable as possible in such an unpredictable environment. The leadership exudes the utmost confidence and you can already feel the synergy amongst the team, the calculated science of summiting Everest coming into play and all of the organization playing out seamlessly. The most beautiful part is that along with the professionalism, there is a constant flow of laughter, entertainment and fun – all in preparation for the climb to the top of the world.

Hats off to Garrett Madison and the entire team at Madison Mountaineering, looking forward to stepping foot on the mountain in a few days with all of you.


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