This is an area high on K2, just below camp 4 at approximately 7800m. The summit can be seen in the far distance and the Bottleneck, the massive overhanging serac that you must climb under is visible to the right. This image does not do the serac justice at all, it’s actually the most ominous and incredibly dangerous obstacle I’ve ever had to deal with in all of my travels. If even a portion of it dislodges while you’re there, as a piece of it did in 2008, everyone is in serious trouble.

In this image, Sajid Sadpara makes his way towards what becomes the end of the line for us on this particular day. PK led the pitch and fixed some rope only to determine we needed to turn back.

At basecamp, uploading a single photo like this one is a tedious process. The last image I posted took me 4 hours to upload. After my days of climbing and filming, I spend most of my time playing digital media technician. I back up all the cards which on the last rotation comprised of 5 main camera cards, 2 mirrorless still cards, 4 GoPros, 2 drones and 3 TrackE wireless mics I have the team wear. In parallel, usually by the time dinner rolls around, I’m still processing photos in Lightroom (typing and eating at the moment) often looking for one image that represents the story I’m trying to tell. All of this at altitude, in the cold, while trying to recover from the steep high altitude climbing.

It’s a love and commitment to the process of doing the work we do and knowing we can share with all of you and bring you on the journey with us.


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