There is a lot to consider to make this expedition run safely. We are here to support Sajid, enable his search, honor the fallen and document the efforts which will eventually combine our winter efforts with what’s unfolding right now to make a comprehensive film that delves deep into the events that transpired last winter, but that also reaches into other complex territory. To make all of that work requires meticulous planning, redundancy plans and an attention to detail where one oversight can cost you everything.

PK and I take a divide and conquer approach: in Pakistan, he’s got the technical leadership and logistics and I’ve got all things story, tech, creative and documentation. We each have a hand in each other’s territory, but when it comes to making this work on the hill, ensuring we move everything we need up this mountain, he’s the man in charge. Everything from coordinating the loads being carried up high, working with Sajid, Fazal and Aziz, keeping an eye on every safety detail, securing gear with ice screws at high camps, food, water, weather: he’s got a handle on it all. To consider how far he’s come from his village of Sotang 6 to IFMGA guide orchestrating this all behind the scenes is nothing short of deeply impressive.

We’re in a perfect position at the moment awaiting the next window because of the collective efforts and because of my friend PK Sherpa.

We weren’t supposed to be the ones organizing and orchestrating this, but when no one stepped up to do anything, we took action at the 11th hour. And so here we are, waiting out the storm, with all the tools and tech we need to do our work up high.


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