On July 25th, my pistachio green van was partway across the Atlantic on its way to Leeds, England when I received word that my father died in a tragic car accident. Naturally, Pistachio Green no longer mattered in that moment, all plans were shelved and derailed and the van was placed safely in storage by a friendly angel I’ve still yet to meet named Trace. For months, Pistachio Green sat in her new home in York amongst fancy cars while I fulfilled other promises and responsibilities including taking care of my family and seeing through the Climb for Albinism.

I’ve since rescued the van, drove across most of England and have just entered France with no plan, no clue, no set direction, no certain outcome, just a pocket full of credit cards, a van full of expedition and camera gear I needs to get rid of and the open road which points in the direction of anything goes.

Everyone thinks I’m unbreakable and superhuman. I put on the strong face, but deep down I’m just as fragile as the next person, I just happen to have a near unbreakable mind, a fairly resilient body and a heart that rarely fails me. I’ve been dealing with a lot the last 4 months and I’m really looking forward to bowing out gracefully from all of my responsibilities and just driving into the direction of whiceverwaycomes.


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