Your Everest photography and timelapse assignment

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Hope you’re all doing well, staying healthy and remaining optimistic amidst these very challenging times.

Given some of us have some extra time on our hands, I thought I’d put out a little creative assignment for you using some of my imagery from Mt. Everest. This is an opportunity to be creative, learn some new skills, be inspired and inspire one another. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, taking part will help you develop some new skills to make your own images look even better. You’d be amazed to see how even just a few adjustments make all of the difference.

Here’s a quick look at some of my Everest timelapse work:

So what’s this assignment all about?

It’s simple. Imagine you’re a photo editor and your first assignment is to take raw images created on Mt. Everest and edit them yourself. There are currently two options:


I’ve made three raw images from Mt. Everest available for download. All you need to do is download the files, process the images and if you like, upload your final creation, tag me and I’ll offer some helpful feedback.


Same rules apply as above. Download the files, process the timelapses to your liking and and if you like, upload your final videos, tag me and I’ll offer some helpful feedback.

If you can’t download the folders due to bandwidth limitations, you can download single images here.

How many are you supposed to edit?

As many as you like. There are 6 options for you to choose from. So one, or up to six.

But Elia, I have NO IDEA how to do any of this?

Glad you brought this up. Below are two pieces of software that I use that can be downloaded as 7-day free trials.

For photography and timelapse

Adobe Lightroom

For video editing

Adobe Premiere

This video shows you how to download and install the software as a 7-day free trial without inputting any credit card information.

Does this work on mobile as well?

Absolutely. Lightroom for mobile works well. But keep in mind, any photo processing software or app that reads .cr2 (raw) files will work.

Ok, great. You’ve got the software – now what?

With so many great tutorials online already, I’ve decided to highlight four that will help you get started and achieve great results, easily and fast. You don’t need to watch all of these, just watch the ones that apply to what you want to learn.

  1. Photo processing in Lightroom for beginners –LINK
  2. Processing timelapse photography in Lightroom –LINK
  3. Milky Way image processing – LINK
  4. Panorama creation in Lightroom – LINK

So what raw timelapse shots do you have access to?

Stars and clouds race and reveal a triangular snow capped summit

Tents on a glacier with stars and a bluish purple sky

The moon rising over a ridge with stars in the sky

And which raw photographs?

The milky way rises above above two mountain peaks with many stars at night

Where do you download the raw files from?

  1. Raw timelapses – LINK
  2. Raw photographs – LINK

So to recap

  • Decide if you want to process single photos, timelapses, or both
  • Be sure you have the required software
  • Download the raw files
  • Watch the tutorials above for helpful hints – only watch what you want to learn.
  • Process the files and export them
  • Optional upload of your final edits to your Instagram page with a description and be sure to tag me @eliasaikaly so I can keep track of your submissions and offer some feedback

Some tips for you to keep in mind

  • Less can be more when processing images, be sure not to overdo it
  • Remember, you can crop! 4×5 images tend to pop more on Instagram
  • Use Youtube as a resource for additional tutorials
  • I’d recommend using a laptop or desktop, but you can use Lightroom for mobile
  • Experiment with downloading free presets in Lightroom and modify them to create your own look
  • Isolate colors in Lightroom and modify them to create a more dramatic image
  • Add music or sound effects to your final timelapses
  • Have fun!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

See you on Instagram!


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