In 2005, I traveled to Nepal with my friend Dr. Sean Egan who aspired to become the oldest Canadian to scale Mt. Everest. He tragically died and never reached the summit. Never having climbed a mountain before, I decided to honour Sean’s life by creating a legacy project in his memory. This is the story of FindingLife.

The FindingLife Journey So Far

What began as a documentary in honour of Sean evolved organically into an organization that connects students in the classroom to expeditions and adventurers around the world.

2017 – FindingLife – The New Dream

The new FindingLife platform is deep in development. It’s been my life’s work since I was 26 and now it’s finally coming together.

2016 – Unclimbed Reaching the Summit

I partnered with Discovery Canada and co-created: Unclimbed Reaching the Summit. I shared the dramatic ascent with students in real-time as we attempting to climb two unclimbed peaks in Nepal.

2013 – My Tedx Talk

I gave my first Tedx talk in Ashburn Virginia called: FindingLife on Mt. Everest

2013 – ePals on Everest

FindingLife partnered with, the once largest K-12 social network for kids. This was my 2nd successful Mt. Everest expedition which garnered me a CINE Golden Eagle Award for best outstanding documentary series.

2011 – Mt. Cho Oyu

We set our sights on the 6th highest mountain on Earth - Mt.Cho Oyu and called it “Our Cho Oyu Challenge - What’s Yours?” We achieved all of our goals in connecting students to the adventure and stood on the summit with our virtual community of students.

2011 – Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa

I created the Garnier FindingLife expedition to Africa. We paired up 6 students from Canada with 6 students from Kenya, climbed Mt. Kenya, built schools in Solio, empowered a community, changed lives and shared the journey with thousands of student online via FindingLife.

2010 – Return to Everest

In the spring of 2010, I returned to Everest and officially launched FindingLife and brought 20, 000 kids along with me, virtually. We shared the journey in real-time, shot, cut and delivered a 12-part webisodic series to our student community. The 5 year journey came to close and Sean Egan’s spirit made it to the top of the world.

2009 – FindingLife Expeditions in the Classroom

What was far more important than summiting Aconcagua, was pioneering and testing ideas while building relationships with teachers who believed in my ideas of connecting students to adventures around the world. Here’s a glimpse into one school’s experience of sharing in the FindingLife pilot project.

2008 – FindingLife the Movie

The FindingLife movie officially premiers in Ottawa, Canada. We sold out the venue and it was an incredible evening in honour of Dr. Sean Egan. We won two awards for film: The Public Choice Award and the Heart of the Jury prize from the Montreal International Adventure Film Festival.

2008 – The Well

I began sharing the FindingLife story with thousands of students in schools in the Ottawa area. Together, in honour of Sean, we raised enough money to build a well in Kathmandu for orphaned children from ChildHaven.

2007 – Defeated by Everest

After two months on Everest, I failed to reach the summit.. We came within 500ft of the top of the world and had to turn around because of the weather. I was destroyed and heartbroken and beaten up by Everest. Little did I know how important this 'failure' truly was.

2007 – FindingLife – The Heart of the Journey

After being on the mountain for two months, I was finally in position to reach the top of the world. Experience the emotion and stunning views from Camp 4 on the way to the highest point on Earth.

2007 – FindingLife on Mt. Everest

My first attempt on Everest after a giant leap of faith. I sold my car, my condo, cashed in my life’s savings, borrowed $38K from my best friends and embarked on a journey that would forever change my life.

2006 – FindingLife The Movie

My goal was to climb to camp 2 on Mt. Everest, retrace Sean's footsteps as a first time climber, film the experience and build a Chorten to honour his life. The film was entitled: FindingLife


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