The best part of doing what I do is sharing the journeys I’ve lived and the lessons I’ve learned with audiences on the stage. My keynote presentations are customized for specific audiences, whether corporate, public or schools.

I use the stories of Everest and my expeditions to draw the audience in and create an emotional and multi-media rich experience which leaves the audience both moved and inspired.

Feel free to reach out and tell me about your event, I’d love work together and help you achieve your goals. Check out my TedX talk and browse some of my topics below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

My Keynote Presentations

Elia Saikaly tells an incredible story of challenge, courage, compassion, and taking huge risks in life in order to achieve one’s higher purpose. His underlying messages encourage awareness of the challenges and adversities we face, and help inspire an understanding of how they lead us to become who we were born to be.

Elia’s story takes his audience on an emotional, unforgettable and inspiring journey. From growing up as ‘punk-rock’ rebel, out of school and living on the streets, to breaking a world record at the young age of 17 through goal setting techniques and visualization. Elia tells the extraordinary tale about how he went from the lowest point in his life, to soaring high above the clouds at the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, to honour the death of his mentor, who died during an Everest climb. Elia, at that time, had never even slept in a tent!

Elia’s delivers a jaw-dropping multi-media presentation that transports us into the world above 8000 metres, commonly referred to as the “Death Zone”. Using props, HD video and compelling soundtracks, Saikaly literally brings Everest to life. He introduces audiences to the most remote environments filled with incredible life stories, and shares lessons of success and failure during his adventure to the top.

His presentation often leaves audiences in tears and moved to action. While most struggle to place one foot in front of the other, Saikaly climbs, shoots, broadcasts and communicates to thousands during his expeditions.

Fitness, wellness, goal setting, teamwork, courage, calculated risks, resilience, believing in oneself, and the incredible rewards that come along with giving back to society are all explored through this rich presentation.