My friends from the Moving Mountains Trust introduced me to the people of Solio. I wanted to do something to support their community and called upon Canadian students for help.

The village of Solio

It all began with this video. I saw the students learning in the dirt, under a canvas shelter and knew I needed to do something to help.

Hopewell Helps Solio

I reached out to Hopewell Public School to help me help Solio and this was their response. What an unbelievable community of students, teachers, faculty members, surrounding community members and parents. This is the power of students coming together to change the world.

Ange Gabriel helps Solio

Another incredible example of how one school came together to help the community of Solio, in Kenya.

Mortar Mesh Technology

The Moving Mountains team and the village of Solio give us a tour of the technology they're using to rebuild the classrooms in Solio.

Promises Fulfilled

Everything has gone according to plan. Money was raised. The adventure was shared. Students came over from Canada to help with the rebuilding and all is underway.

Classrooms in Solio

A incredible day in the village of Solio. Primary students from Canada raised over $10K Canadian dollars and our 12 students, alongside the community members of Solio, built two classrooms.


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