After turning back twice just 500 feet from of the top of the world, I decided to lead my own expedition up Everest with a team of Sherpas and my friend Dr. Allain Baldo. We shared the journey with 20, 000 Canadian students in real-time and honoured the life of my friend Dr. Egan who passed away on Everest in 2005.

Everest – The Final Ridge

This was my first successful summit climb back in 2010. I failed to reach the summit twice, both times just 500ft from the top of the world because of bad weather. It was an emotional 5 year journey. On May 22nd of that same year, I finally fulfilled my promise to Sean and carried his spirit and ashes to the top of the world. The episodes below take you through my journey.  

Episode 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu

We made it to Kathmandu. The Adventure begins!

Episode 2 – Child Haven International

Today we traveled to a very special place that means the world to me and that mean the world to my mentor Dr. Sean Egan.

Episode 3 – Flight to Lukla

Two years of planning and the adventure official begins now! We’re off to Lukla.

Episode 4 – Trekking to Everest

The journey to base of the top of the world is one of the most magical places on Earth. Join me as we trek through the lowlands of the Himalayas.

Episode 5 – Dr. Sean Egan

The heart of this journey, the WHY of this quest, the reason I am doing all of this: My friend and mentor Dr. Sean Egan. A glimpse into how all of this began and how Everest and Sean profoundly impacted my life.

Episode 6 – Everest basecamp

We made it to Everest basecamp, our home for the next 6 weeks as we make out way to the top of the world.

Episode 7 – Puja Ceremony

Before anyone climbs Everest, we all take part in this very special ceremony with our Sherpas friends.

Episode 8 – Route to climb Everest

Climbing Everest is all about strategy, being prepared and having a solid plan. This is how we plan on reaching the top of the world.

Episode 9 – The Khumbu Icefall

The most dangerous obstacle on Everest is the Khumbu Icefall, the flowing river of Ice that moves at the rate of one meter per day. Here’s a glimpse into what we faced today.

Episode 10 – Beaten up by Everest – Icefall to Camp 3

The altitude takes its toll on us and really beats us down. It’s important to remember the WHY, the reason we are doing this and that’s my friend Dr. Sean Egan. Together we stand strong and together we climb high.

Episode 11 – Climbing the Lohtse Face

Our next challenge is the 4000ft ice wall known as the Lhotse Face. We’re getting closer to our goal every day. The summit awaits!

Episode 12 – Summit Push

It’s hard to believe that the time has come for us to pull it all together and make our attempt on the top of the world. I’ve got Sean Egan’s ashes with me, my spirit is on fire and it’s time to make yet another attempt to reach the highest point on Earth.

Episode 13 – Summit of Mt Everest

We made it! ON May 22nd, 2010, after an emotional 5 year journey, I finally fulfilled my promise to Sean and carried his spirit and ashes to the top of the world.


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