In the spring of 2014, I worked hand in hand with the Google Maps team behind the lens in Nepal and shot video content for the Google Maps Khumbu site. Today, you can explore the Khumbu region of Mt. Everest from the comfort of your own home.

Google Maps Nepal

The adventure begins! I'm leading the video production efforts in Nepal in collaboration with Google Maps. What an honour it is to be a part of this adventure.

Everest Basecamp and beyond

We've arrived and all has gone according the plan. Team Google is working closely with the Sherpas on the mapping of the Khumbu region and my team is documenting the magic every step of the way.

Mapping Everest continues

The journey continues as we work to bring the Khumbu region of Nepal to life for the world to experience.

Google Maps Nepal – Our video is live

5 Millions views and counting... what a privilege it was to have been a part of this very special collaboration with Google, initiated by my dear friend Dan Fredinburg.


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