In the spring of 2011, I partnered with the Moving Mountains Trust, Garnier and the University of Ottawa and created the Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa. We paired up 6 high school students from Ottawa with 6 local Kenyan students and set our sights on the highest peak in Kenya. We built classrooms for the community of Solio and shared the journey with Canadian students online, in real-time.

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Solio, Kenya

I traveled to Africa in search of a special project and I believe I’ve found it. Moved. Inspired. Ready to take action! I’m hoping Canadian students will embark on the journey with me.

Episode 1 – Together we’re moving mountains

Episode 2 – The slums of Kibera

Episode 3 – Solio Kenya

Episode 4 – The people of Solio

Episode 5 – Hopewell helps Solio

Episode 6 – Return to Kenya

Episode 7 – A snapshot of out Kenyan students

Episode 8 – Charles and Fredah

Episode 9 – Embu rescue centre

Episode 10 – Return to Solio

Webisode 11 – Our 2 students from Solio

Roger’s submission video

Scott’s submission video

FindingLife on CTV News

It’s official: we’re giving away 6 trips to Kenya to 6 students from the Ottawa region.

Rima’s submission video

Kendra’s submission video

Alex’s submission video

Our first hike

The team is officially training for Mt. Kenya. We’re off next month to scale Africa’s 2nd highest peak.

Hybrid Strong

Our trainer Steph St-Laurent puts our team through the paces with Hybrid Strong.

Ange Gabriel helps Solio

Local schools in the Ottawa region are rallying together to support FindingLife and the students from Solio. The entire school and community is coming together to make a difference.

The Garnier FindingLife expedition to Africa

We’re incredibly proud to partner with L’Oreal and Garnier. I’d like to present you with the Garnier FindingLife expedition to Africa.

Episode 1: Departures and Arrivals

Episode 2: Meeting the Kenyan Students

Webisode 3: Arriving in Solio

Episode 4: FindingLife Soccer Tournament

Episode 5: Days in Solio

Webisode 6: Our hike to camp 1

Episode 7: Climb to high camp

Episode 8: Messages to our loved ones back home

Episode 9 – The final ascent

Summit of Mt. Kenya

We made it!! What an incredible adventure this has been. We built schools, shared the journey, made a positive impact, created a legacy and all stood on the summit of Africa’s 2nd highest peak. Dream it, believe, achieve it my friends. Anything is possible.


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