After surviving the Nepal Earthquake and avalanche on Mt. Everest, I returned to Nepal a few months later searching for a way to give my Nepalese brothers and sisters a hand up. I met the people from the community of Banakhu and promised to help. Students from Ottawa, Canada stepped up and together we contributed to the  effort of rebuilding classrooms.

Searching for an Earthquake relief project

It’s been just over 5 months since the Earthquake and I’ve landed in Kathmandu to seek out a project to support to help Nepal get back up on its feet.

Sir Edmund Hillary School

The journey begins with a visit to the Sir Edmund Hillary School projects in Paphlu.

The village of Banakhu

It’s been quite the journey getting here, but I think this is it.


The people of Banakhu have been incredibly kind and hospitable. They’ve welcomed us with open arms and are in need of assistance to get the students back into safe learning environments.

Hopewell helps Nepal

I’m proud to announce that Hopewell Public school raised over $12, 000 in a single night! Meet the students and the teachers who are behind the Blizzard Bazaar.


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