I met Gabriel in 2005 on Mt. Everest. In 2007, he helped me on my quest to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in honour of our common friend Dr Sean Egan. When he came knocking on my door for help in 2009, I was quick to say yes to support his dream.

Meet the Team

Elia Saikaly

Ottawa, Canada

After his mentor’s tragic passing on Mt. Everest, Elia, who had never climbed a mountain or even slept in a tent, decided to retrace his footsteps up the world’s tallest mountain. It was a decision that changed Elia forever.

Gabriel Filippi

Montreal, Canada

With over twenty Himalayan expeditions under his belt, including five on Mt. Everest, Gabriel is the only Quebecer and second Canadian to summit Everest from both the North and South side. He’s climbed six of the seven summits, led a heart transplant recipient to the top of Mt. Blanc and climbed numerous technical peaks in South America.

Follow Our Journey
Gabriel Filippi and I set out to climb the North Side of Everest with a signed Montreal Canadians flag that we were were hoping to auction off to raise money for their Children’s Foundation.

Episode 1 – Montreal Canadians on Everest

And we’re off! Gabriel Filippi and I are heading to the top of the world. This time with a signed Montreal Canadians flag in support of the Montreal Canadians Childrens Foundation.

Episodes 2 + 3 – Montreal Canadians on Everest

It’s been a challenging journey getting to Everest due to China not issuing the permits in time in addition to the complexities of entering Tibet, but we made it and the expedition has officially begun.

Episode 4 – Montreal Canadians on Everest

Today we took part in the most beautiful part of the pre-expedition ritual: the Puja ceremony.

Episode 5 – Bad weather on Everest – The last men standing

We were the last men on Everest. All of the Sherpas quit and every other expedition abandoned their climbs. We carried on. 3 friends, one mountain, one dream. This is it.


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