First I was about to take off from Ottawa and the entire van smelled like gas. Mechanic Mark forgot to tighten the fuel filter clamp. Thankfully, landlord George helped me out. I then drove 14 hours straight from Ottawa to Nova Scotia through the night and watched a fiery red sunrise before racing against the clock to resolve a few final issues.

1) Had to run the van to empty and then manually fill the tank because the gas gauge doesn’t work. No problem.

2) Had to resolve a leak in the antifreeze container, which I never resolved. I did my best.

3) I dropped the van off at the ferry, bypassed the entire line of people waiting, met the broker, got help from the nice people at the shipping port, left the keys, signed a paper, raced to the airport and caught my flight back to Ottawa. Now I wait.

I’m a touch concerned they won’t load it onto the ferry because of the tiny leak in the excess coolant container. Positive vibes out to the Universe for a little helping hand. Once it’s loaded hiccup free, packing begins and I wait for it to sail across the ocean which should take 6 days. There is a massive series of cruxes to unlock with the actual adventure, but for now, this is the most important part.

Dear Universe and shipping port people: Your play. Please be kind. 🙂🙏🏼.


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