I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out how to sail this van across the Mediterranean Sea. She crossed the Atlantic from Canada back in July, she then traveled approximately 3,625km’s across 10 countries, had two and a half major breakdowns (creating some awesome side adventure opportunities) and it’s hard to believe that the adventure has barely just begun.

Half the people I speak to tell me there’s no Ferry and that it’s ‘broken’. A select few tell me it’s operational. I have a flight home December 25th that I may or may not take. If the weather is good Monday and the other Ferry people tell me it’s a go, I drive 10 hours to the south, board the Ferry and it’s a solo-Xmas on the sea with Pistachio Green for me. If not, I store the van in Turkey until January, hope for the best in the new year and get to see my family and loved ones. Flexibility and patience is crucial. Why all of this you ask? Well, if it all works, it’ll all make sense soon enough. If not… honestly, I have no idea! Seemed like a pretty good idea 6 months ago.


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