The moment I landed at K2, John was immediately whisked away on a rescue mission, searching for a missing climber who attempted to solo a nearby peak. That’s the kind of man he was. Brave, bold and compassionate.

John loved Pakistan. He loved her people. He adored Ali, Sajid and the staff and treated them like family.

He was so excited about this image and continuously said: when I summit K2, I see this image on a billboard at the Iceland airport.

We were tent neighbors. We laughed together. Planned the documentary together. Had deep discussions about life together, but what impressed me the most about John was his heart. His capacity for empathy, his deep care for those around him and mostly his love for his wife Lina and his 6 children.

We filmed a very touching scene before the summit push of John speaking softly and lovingly about his family. He showed me the text messages his children sent him cheering him on. Emojis of all kinds, ❤️ ‘s and 😘. I was deeply moved by the love and support from his incredible family that he spoke so highly of.

I’ve been pulled in many directions since we descended and I realize I’m not ok. I thought I was, because I had to be, but the endorphins and adrenaline have faded and I feel empty inside. I’ve lost 10-15 lbs and no matter how much I try to nourish my body it just feels like it’s withering away. Perhaps it’s the extreme sadness, perhaps it’s my body screaming for me to breathe. I don’t know, but it hurts like hell. He was a gem of a human and one of the kindest and most incredible humans I’ve ever met.

Our time was brief, but it was profound. It was an honor to be accepted into the inner circle to feel the magic of what John created for Iceland and Pakistan.

I keep fantasizing about the ultimate survival story. If anyone can, it’s John Snorri.

Still praying for the miracle.


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