I’m in Pakistan and headed to K2 with Sajid Sadpara to search for his father, Ali Sadpara and our dear friend John Snorri.

The truth is: I just couldn’t do nothing. These are our friends. These were our teammates. We were making a film about their winter ascent. We were supposed to be with them the night they disappeared with JP Moer and we are likely alive because fate intervened as an oxygen mix-up forced PK and I back just below camp 3. Ali, JP Mohr and John never returned. Sajid survived.

While climbing Everest this spring, I obsessively sought out support to finish our film and honor our friends, yet in the end, we failed to gain financial support, as did Sajid. Unwilling to quit, in the last two weeks, our tiny unit pulled off a miracle and today, a very grown-up Sajid launched the project in the Pakistani press.

Pasang Kaji Sherpa will be with us as will Fazal Ali, Mosin, Aziz and the cooking staff from the winter ascent. Asghar from Jasmine Tours Pakistan helped us pull it all together at the 11th hour. PK Sherpa moved mountains in Nepal to ensure we have all that we need.

I’ve flipped my entire world and my finances upside-down, but I don’t care. I’ll clean the mess up when I get home. It’s incredible what a few people can pull together with will and determination.

For all those who asked over the past months, there’s just no way we wouldn’t be here.

This is our quest to find answers. This is about honor, loyalty and friendship. This is for Sajid. This is for Ali. This is for John. And this is for Pakistan.

K2 – The Calling.


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