Perhaps the most beautiful and unexpected part of our European VanLife adventure was stumbling upon the Monasteries of Meteora. They were built in the 14th century when the monks sought somewhere to hide in the face of an increasing number of Turkish attacks on Greece. At this time, access to the top was via removable ladders. Today, access is much simpler due to steps being carved into the rock during the 1920s. Of the 24 monasteries, only 6 (four male, two female) are still functioning, with each housing fewer than 10 individuals.

I shot this video on my DJI MavicAir in full light as we had limited time in Greece. As we were driving away I began to see the sun splash its golden yellow rays across the cliffs and decided to return and to take it all in without technology and without distraction in an attempt to experience it in a much purer way.

Of the 7 countries we visited, the Monasteries of Meteora will always be amongst the most memorable places we explored, for their vastness, grandeur, symbolism and raw striking beauty.


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