I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all that transpired the last 8 days on Mt. Kilimanjaro. All six female climbers with albinism went beyond what they thought was possible and in the end Nodumo Ncomanzi summited Uhuru Peak, representing the team at Africa’s highest point.

What should have been a straight forward expedition quickly morphed into an emotional, dramatic, inspirational and beautiful expedition. The depth of the emotions experienced on this expedition has left me a changed human being forever. It’s been an honour and privilege to have lived the journey with some of my favourite people on Earth.

The climb was a significant struggle, symbolic of the challenges persons with albinism face in their everyday lives. The mountain threw just about everything at us and in the end, the Climb for Albinism flag was raised on the roof of Africa. I’m so incredibly proud of the team and all they accomplished. This is a tremendous victory for the team and for all persons with albinism.


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