I’ve always been drawn to stories of resilience. Stories of perseverance. Stories of the unlikeliest of heroes who are destined to become. I see the light, I see the beauty, I see the potential and these days, I take all that I know and I create adventures that enable those transformations. Where I was once an artist with a lens, I now try to be an artist with life.

Two years ago I discovered an ugly truth that unfolds in the shadows on this continent and decided to do something about it. The journey has not been easy. Few supported us and few wanted to get involved to make this happen as it was too ‘risky’. The more promises I made the deeper committed I became the more relentless I was in pulling this all together. Because these women have voices that need to be amplified for persons with albinism. And they’ve all climbed mountains far more difficult than Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is a symbolic ascent and a statement to the world and I’m truly grateful to be a part of it.

Most who learn about the discrimination, abuse and attacks turn a blind eye. I simply could not. For these women, for all they’ve endured and for all those they will impact with their achievement. No one expects them to climb and that’s why we must. I am grateful for all of those who believed in this project.

Stepping back and witnessing the team live this incredible journey is the true summit for me.

Upwards we climb!


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