It broke my heart to have to make the call to turn Regina back. She just wasn’t strong enough to carry on. Half way to McKinders camp on Mt Kenya I was forced to make a very difficult decision with regards to her safety. I knew she hadn’t trained enough and saw her struggle. She was slow and in pain. Her mind had the will to carry on, but her body just wasn’t fit enough to deal with the elements. Knowing we had another 5km+ to ascend, the lead guides and I decided to turn her around and send her down. I could relate having turned around on Everest twice, I knew it would break her temporarily, and yet knew it was the only decision to be made. After fighting to carry on with everything she had, this brave warrior and survivor turned around with grace and power, tears flowing with unbreakable will. It was impossible to make the call, but it was the only call to make. She’s a rising star who is going to inspire the masses with her beautiful, chaotic and inspirational approach to all that she does. I’ll go to the ends of the Earth to support her to ensure that this coming September she takes her rightful place on the roof of Africa.


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