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Elia Saikaly Inspires

Elia’s FindingLife presentations are a journey like no other. He brings not only his intense passion for filmmaking and adventures to the stage, but offers up his personal quest in high definition—bringing the audience to the most beautiful and treacherous places in the world. Each presentation can be adapted to suit the audience and is rich with extraordinary humanity, inspiring messages, practical wisdom and jaw-dropping personal accounts. Elia is represented by Speakers’ Spotlight. 


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Elia tells an incredible story of challenge, courage, compassion and taking huge risks in life in order to achieve our higher purpose. His underlying messages encourage awareness of the adversities we face, and help inspire an understanding of how they lead us to become who we were born to be.

Elia’s story takes his audience on an emotional, unforgettable and inspiring journey—from growing up as a punk-rock rebel, out of school and living on the streets, to breaking a world record at the young age of 17 through goal-setting techniques and visualization. He tells the extraordinary tale of how he went from the lowest point in his life to soaring above the clouds at the highest peak on Earth. He recounts how his fateful journey on the slopes of Mt. Everest, where he set out to honour the life of his fallen mentor by carrying his spirit to the top of the world, propelled him onto a path of purpose and fulfillment. Using props, HD video and compelling soundtracks, Elia brings Everest to life, transporting the audience to the world above 8,000 metres, ominously nicknamed the “Death Zone.”

With more than 16 high-altitude expeditions under his belt, including two summits to Mt. Everest, Elia has proven time and time again that he has the determination, stamina, resourcefulness and vision to meet the greatest of challenges. Being empowered by uncertainty, exploring the unknown and adapting to that
which you cannot control are concepts that he communicates through real-life experiences on some of the world’s tallest mountains. Where most struggle to place one foot in front of the other, Elia climbs, shoots, broadcasts and communicates in real time to thousands during his expeditions.

Through powerful imagery and video captured on his adventures, Elia takes us around the world to some of the most remote destinations, from the tallest peaks on Earth to the hidden secrets of the Amazon jungle, bringing to life lessons of failure, success and the strategies required to reach incredible heights. World-class expeditions require proper planning, training, teamwork, calculated risks, resilience and the ability to remain optimistic while all odds are stacked against you. Elia illustrates these lessons in a dramatic, colourful and emotionally engaging fashion, leaving the audience inspired, empowered and moved to action.